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World Day of Prayer – GFS World Wide
September 29, 2007

On this day, all GFS branches and dioceses throughout the world are linked in prayer. This year’s service is being written by GFS Cameroon. Proceeds from the offerings on this day help fund the current World Project – The Empowerment and HIV/Aids Campaign in Zambia.
For more information, contact Lois Frankforter at 203-288-2599 or [email protected]

GFS Women and Girls Tea – sponsored by the GFS of Grace-St. Peter’s Church, Hamden, Connecticut
Sunday, October 14, 2007
GFS invites all women and girls to join them for an afternoon tea. The guest speaker will be Nancy Wilcox, a well known historian and doll collector, who will share part of her Halloween collection. Every girl who attends the event will have the opportunity to make a Halloween costume for an 18″ doll or stuffed animal. The tea will feature a variety of treats including cookies, sandwiches and an assortment of teas. Reservations are required.
For more information or a registration form, contact Lois Frankforter at 203-288-2599 or [email protected]

GFS Week – GFS USA and all Dioceses
January 27 – February 3, 2008
World Council 2008 – hosted by GFS Korea Olympic Parktel, Seoul, Korea
August 9 – 18, 2008

GFS members from around the world will gather in Seoul for our 19th World Council.
For more information, contact Lois Frankforter at 203-288-2599 or [email protected]

Recent Happenings & Annual Events

GFS/NJ Week at Holiday House – GFS Diocese of New Jersey
July 14 – 21, 2007
Holiday House, Cape May, New Jersey

GFS/NJ members also spent their annual week at Holiday House with their leaders. Each day was packed with pure fun – Bible study, worship, team building games, crafts, group time, chapel, the beach, the water park, the mall, the arcade …. The leaders had as much fun as the girls! Days were filled with activities as well as opportunities to meet new friends and get to know old friends better. Leaders also found that the week offered them a retreat that helped them focus on their important work of GFS and provided opportunities to support each other and help bring out each others strengths.

GFS/PA Junior Week at Holiday House – GFS Diocese of Pennsylvania
July 7 – 14, 2007
Holiday House, Cape May, New Jersey

GFS/PA members ages nine to fourteen spent the week at Holiday House with their leaders. The girls made their own T-shirts representing “2007 Junior Week” and performed skits depicting Bible verses. The girls were always on the go and ready for the next adventure, whether it was going to the beach, the mall, the board walk or the Nature Center of Cape May.

GFSUSA National Assembly 2007 – hosted by GFS Diocese of New York
June 20 – 25, 2007
Passionist Spiritual Center, Riverdale, New York

GFS members, leaders and sponsors gathered for our 58th National Assembly. Our theme for the previous three years “All things are possible for those who believe!” was evident in all aspects of our time together. Our agenda was ambitious, but our business sessions were very productive. We voted to expand our GFSUSA family by amending our bylaws to include sponsors and sponsor groups. We also shared our ideas and experiences on the key strategic planning issues of developing branches, programs and leaders. Our worship services reflected our diversity and gave us an opportunity to express ourselves in different forms of prayer – including a Taize service and liturgical dance. Of course there was ample opportunity to simply have fun! Whether it was a competitive game of Wink or the equally challenging task of mastering the New York mass-transit system. Many took a step back in time with a trip to Ellis Island. Others experienced Times Square and saw their first Broadway show. A special thanks to the Diocese of New York for being wonderful hostesses!

GFS/CT Camp Weekend – GFS Diocese of Connecticut
June 8 -10, 2007
Incarnation Center, Ivoryton, Connecticut

Rain didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the GFS members as they enjoyed their annual camp weekend at the Episcopal camp at Incarnation Center. The weekend started Friday night with a pizza party followed by games and dancing. The next morning just as they were headed down to the lake-side outdoor chapel – the thunder started. Plans were shuffled and the girls spent the morning making T-shirts with thumb-print designs. By afternoon the thunder had stopped but the rain continued. The girls were not deterred and spent the afternoon swimming and boating in the lake. Saturday evening found them indoors for their campfire – but the smores tasted just as delicious! Sunday morning after chapel the girls took to the trees and participated in team building activities and a high ropes climbing course.

GFS/LA “Not So Quiet Day” – GFS Diocese of Los Angeles“Love Bears All Things”

March 3, 2007
St. John the Baptist, Corona, CA

GFS members and friends spent a fun filled day participating in games, crafts and a sing-along, as well as a skit about GFS and our motto “Bear ye one another’s burdens.” Through role play and discussion they explored the importance of accepting one another, sharing each others burdens by supporting each other with words and actions, and how we are all stronger when we join together.

Mission & Fellowship

World Project 2005-2008: The Empowerment and HIV/Aids Campaign in Zambia

At the World Council in 2005 the GFS member countries selected The Empowerment and HIV/Aids Campaign in Zambia as its World Project. The project is an initiative of the GFS within the Anglican Church in Zambia and its primary purpose is to contribute to the long term empowerment of the youth and young women within the church and community. The project has focused on ways: to promote participation and life skills training among women and girls; to promote the level of knowledge, awareness and understanding of HIV-AIDS through informed education and skills building to increase non-risk behavior among girls and women; and to provide school supplies and uniforms for children who have been orphaned by AIDS.
Offerings may be sent to Michelle Boothe, GFSUSA Treasurer.

Linus Project Quilts – GFS of St. John the Devine, Costa Mesa, California
Summer 2007

GFS members have created a tradition of sewing quilts every summer for Project Linus. This summer GFSers drafted the boys’ group and friends from the community in their work force. Over 3 afternoons, totaling 8 hours, 7 piece work quilts were created. Each one was unique and made completely from donated fabrics. It was a fun challenge to pull together the different fabric donations and to try out new patterns. The completed quilts are distributed by Project Linus to children in crisis.

GFS Assists Youth Continuum – GFS of Grace-St. Peters, Hamden, Connecticut
January 2007

Two GFS senior girls took the lead in helping the Youth Continuum, an agency that aids homeless and at risk youth with housing, counseling and tutoring service at several housing unites in the Greater New Haven, Connecticut area. The agency is able to provide the bare necessities needed for these young people, but was in desperate need of items such as soap, shampoo, deodorant, tooth brushes and tooth paste. The girls organized collection efforts at both Grace-St Peter’s Church in Hamden and St. Paul’s Church in Wallingford. Items were collected for a full month, and by the end the parishes had donated many bags and boxes of the needed items.

GFS Helps Fulfill Christmas Wishes – GFS of Grace-St. Paul’s, Mercerville, New Jersey
December 2006

GFS members brightened the holiday season for one family in their community. The family received a Christmas tree decorated with ornaments that the girls had made themselves. The tradition of helping others during the holiday season started 8 years ago when the branch was asked to help provide gifts on one family’s “wish list”. The girls enjoy their annual shopping excursions and the have added the tradition having a group photo taken with Santa

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